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Questions and Answers

Podcast 1: Questions and Answers

Welcome to the first of a series of podcasts by Abu Abdissalam. You can send questions here.

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In this podcast, the following questions are answered:

1. We bought our house with a mortgage with interest. Now we have paid off the mortgage and want to repent, can we live in the house or must we get rid of it?

2. I want to marry my cousin but it turns out that I have been breast fed by her mother. We tried to find out but no-one knows how many times – my aunty said that it was a long time ago and she doesn’t remember. Can I marry her?

3. My father died and left a lot of money in the bank and it accrued interest from the bank before he died. Do I have to throw away the interest or can I take that?

4. How do I repent from backbiting?

Halal Meat

Bismillah wallahu Akbar

Here are a few brief points regarding the issue of halal meat. These are just random thoughts and issues in response to a few questions related to this topic and are not in any particular order.

1) Islam is built on ease. This is something that Allah likes – he does not like hardship. Allah says:
“Allah likes (yureed) for you ease and does not like (laa yureed) hardship for you”
It is also the sunnah of the Prophet sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam who, as stated in the hadith, “was not given the choice between two matters except that he took the easiest of the two as long as it was not a sin.”

2) This is a very emotional issue – the issue of halal meat as well as the issue of the meat from the British people (ahl al kitab?). Continue reading