Monthly Archives: May 2005

Progressing Where?

Today we are continuously being barraged by so called ‘progressive Muslims’ and their attempts at reforming Islam from within, many of whom are being encouraged and indeed influenced from without. Calling for reform has certainly become a quick and easy way of obtaining a platform in major media outlets in the West. It was about a year ago when Whitehall papers that revealed secret plans to win the hearts and minds of British Muslims were leaked to the Sunday Times. Proposals included screening foreign imams prior to allowing entry to Britain while giving a government seal of approval and support to selected moderate clerics in the UK and abroad. The papers included suggestions that the government might fund moderate Islamic newspapers, television and radio stations, and promote young Muslim “ambassadors” to push an Islam-friendly image. It seems apparent that these proposals have taken effect and this attempted state-sponsored morphology of Islam has been put into action.
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