Podcast 1: Questions and Answers

Welcome to the first of a series of podcasts by Abu Abdissalam. You can send questions here.

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In this podcast, the following questions are answered:

1. We bought our house with a mortgage with interest. Now we have paid off the mortgage and want to repent, can we live in the house or must we get rid of it?

2. I want to marry my cousin but it turns out that I have been breast fed by her mother. We tried to find out but no-one knows how many times – my aunty said that it was a long time ago and she doesn’t remember. Can I marry her?

3. My father died and left a lot of money in the bank and it accrued interest from the bank before he died. Do I have to throw away the interest or can I take that?

4. How do I repent from backbiting?

4 thoughts on “Podcast 1: Questions and Answers

  1. ali

    i wnt a divorce from my husband.as we tried to make it work for so long but its not getting anywhere.he doesnt provide 4 me or his 6 months daughter.watever he gets 4 his wages he will send all that back home 2his family.he still has nt given me my mohor as we agreed b4 marrige. Nw he tells me dat there was no agreemnt made in that sort other then verbal.i am just getting crazy.i tried my best in dis relationshhip.i am not perfect myself but i may hav 1 mistake out of 10.but there is nothing gud about him.so can u plz tel me d procedure 2 dissolve dis marriage.

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