Podcast 2: Questions and Answers

This is the second podcast by Abu Abdissalam. You can send questions here.

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In this podcast, the following questions are answered (the text is kept as it was sent in the questions):

1. Is it better to give some spare money u have to a needy cause/charity,or use that same money to pay off a debt? (bearing in mind that the debtor intends on paying the debt off eventually anyway)

2. Can you give voluntary charity to people who are well-off.

3. I suffer from depression – is there an Islamic cure?

4. Is it permissible to recite the Quran while lying down in bed?

7 thoughts on “Podcast 2: Questions and Answers

  1. aadil


    These QnA podcasts are short and sweet. Very beneficial. Please continue with them.

  2. saab

    Assalamu alaikum, I don’t know how often you visit the alkauthar forums sheikh but just wanted to thank you for teaching us last weekend. JazakAllah khairan. May Allah preserve you and your family and give you good health and a long life. Ameen. And may He also increase your knowledge and closeness to Allah (I just remembered I should make a du’a for you that I want for myself as inshaAllah the angels will say ameen :-)).

  3. ommal muqarraboon

    Asalamualaykum Brother,

    I was wondering if you are planning to update this site? Perhaps put up more work of your own, like lectures, etc? MashaAllah the content on it is great, and I benefit from it greatly, Alhamdulillah.

    Jazakallahu Khayr

  4. Al Muqarraboon

    asalamualaykum, I see this is not a recent post, but are the questions still being accepted by any chance?
    I have a few questions pertaining seeking Islamic ‘ilm. One example: (I am entirely serious) Is it better to write in my Islamic books in pen or in pencil? I recently began writing in them in colored pens and highlighters but I feel as if I’m doing something wrong. What is more in line with the etiquette of the seeker of knowledge?

  5. Khalid

    Salaam Aleikum.

    The “can you give voluntary charity to people who are well-off” question is one of the oddest questions I’ve ever heard in my life. Surreal. I’m looking forward to hearing the response on the podcast.

    Salaam Aleikum.

  6. Sidi Manneh

    interested to find general knowledge on figh hadith and Quoran and will seize every opportunity from anywhere anytime. Kazak Allah if you share with me knowledge about deen

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